Choose From a Wide Selection of Live and Pre-Cut Trees

Trees clearly marked with price tags
Available trees are clearly tagged

We have acres of trees for your selection, all of them are easily accessible via grassy pathways between rows.

The various types of trees on our farm (Douglas Fir, White Fir, Grand Fir, Sequoia, Monterey Pine, Scotch Pine, Incense Cedar and Leyland Cypress) are intermixed and growing side by side.

Each of our trees which are ready for harvest are clearly marked with individual price tags for your ease and convenience in selecting a tree.

Tree Saws and Measuring Poles
Wheeled Tree Carts for Easy Transport

Be sure to grab your tree saw before you head out to the “forests.” We keep our tree-saws  sharp for ease of cutting, so be careful. Also, you might want to take a measuring pole to get a tree of just the right height.

For your convenience, we also provide tree-carts, so you can wheel your tree back to our packing/loading area. The carts are especially helpful for larger trees.

Premium Pre-Cut Trees, Shaded and Watered
Large Selection of Pre-Cut Christmas Trees

Of course, if you would rather have your tree already cut, we have a large selection of pre-cut trees. All of our pre-cut trees are kept in the shade at all times and continuously in a water filled tree-stand for optimum freshness.

Our Noble Fir trees are shipped in from Oregon freshly cut and are also continuously shaded and watered and available for your selection in our large barn.

Friendly Service for Safe Transport Home

We have helpful staff members who will prepare your tree to be transported home. If you need a cleaner cut at the bottom, they will do that. Next the base of the trunk is prepared so the tree  will readily absorb water.

Then your tree trunk will be drilled so it can sit securely on the spike in the center of your water basin tree stand. (We sell those here and you can re-use them year after year.)

We wrap our trees in nylon netting so the branches don’t stick out for ease of transportation inside or on top of your vehicle and also for ease of getting the tree into your house.

Friendly staff members are happy to carry your tree to your car, load it up and tie  it down. From start to finish you will appreciate the service you get from our friendly staff here at Reindeer Ridge.

Staff prepares your tree to take home
Tree wrapped in nylon netting
Service staff help load your tree on your vehicle
Two trees safely secured, ready to take home